Process – Brand manual

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The process of Brand manual I still haven’t figured out the design I’m just playing with what I’ve got trying to write all the text that I have so that I can settle for a design. i want to interpret the colors of the logo in the design and have this organic feel that would reflect the brand at the same time but I think that I might change the colors so that when I insert the logo in the manual I can feel that it would look too matchy. and regarding the text I’m creating a system where all the headlines and text would be replaced to make it. easier for me when I insert the rest of the text. but one thing I’m sure about it that I’m definitely going to change the colors.


Phase 1 Collab. – Part 5

ghar leaf

So I realized that I had to add a photo to the postcard. and I chose this it’s bay leaf and it’s not the original. and I placed it on the back of the postcard where I placed the important info. about the invitation of the grand opening of the restaurant. including the contact information such as instagram, mobile number and email.

Phase 1 Collab. – Part 4


postcard ai-01


In the process of creating the postcard in the beginning I used a solid color background. Because I didn’t know what to add to the postcard. I didn’t want to add a photo so I played with the leaves in the logo to create a pattern as Steffi suggested. but then I realized that I could create a pattern with the letter G. as shown above that I reflect the letter and then removed one part of it and repeated the same shape which created this pattern. and I tried different placement I even tried to place it horizontally but I liked it vertically more.

Phase 1 Collab. – Part 3

ghar logo-04

This is the final logo that I created I’m pleased by how the way it ended. Even thought the group chosen Steffi’s logo I feel satisfied with what I came up with.  the color scheme was inspired by the bay leaf it self with how vibrant it is when it’s still fresh and how it’s turns to a pale green when it’s dried and used in cooking. the vibrant color I decide to go with is white. To me white symbolize the purity, simplicity and other associated words with the similar meaning and how the leaf is organic and fresh I can feel that the color do justice to what I’m trying to reflect through my design. and on the top are the Grayscale version which I’m going to use in my postcard design.

Phase 1 Collab. – Part 2


The next step that I did was searching for inspiration to adjust my logo. but still maintain the organic structure of the logo what I liked about these logo that fact how minimal they look and even the choice of color they used i can sense that it’s simple. even if they wanted to change the color it’s basically gonna be one shade or two maximum. And I wanted to have the same effect on my logo that I’m going to create.

Phase 1 Collab. – Part 1



The first attempt of creating a logo for the shop was inspired by the leaf of the bay and i tried to make my logo to give the effect of organic shape which will reflect the vibes of our restaurant which is a vegan-friendly lunch destination.

And when we discussed we wanted our color scheme to be earthy tones so I applied the colors to the logo to see if it works but I felt that the logo is so plain and simple. I like minimalist designs but this shows as if I didn’t but any effort in it.

Final book jacket.



At the beginning of this project we were asked to choose a verb in order to do the experiments that express the meaning of the word and I chose the word contain. and through the experiments I was asked to create the word using royal icing and after that change the verb into a noun and I came up with the word hate. it was kind of frustrating cause I had to do a lot of experiment to get the right texture and to can control the material itself. after the fifth time I was able to have the successful result using the royal icing. and the following steps was to create the book jacket and this is the book that I have chosen and it contains the word hate it was written by Nathan Hall. and at the end I ended up embracing the cracks that happened while I was removing the icing from the plastic sheet cause I realized that the cracks expressed the word much better. and the reason behind the colors that I chose was the tape that the police use for a crime scene and that how I was Inspired though the process in creating this final result

Mommy’s on the go.

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One scary aspect that most first time moms have to deal with is going out with your child. You may be tempted to cocoon your child at home, and even a short trip to the grocery store may seem confusing. since that all my sisters are married and have kids I could relate to this cause when ever we are going to a quick trip to the mall they always struggle to know what to bring with them and what they need the most. also my best cousin is a mommy-to-be and she is worried about how she’ll manage having a baby and going out. So I created this pouch that could go into bag or your could use it with a strap and wear it. It have compartments for the essential baby stuff and also come with a few tips that may help you to make your short trip with your baby stress-free.

It includes:
– baby wipes
– diaper
– pacifier
– wooden toy
– disposal bib
– cards “tips”
and there is also a space in the pouch for the mother to put in her phone and wallet.



Through out the whole semester I think these four projects made me learn and notice a lot of stuff related to the poster and type even the alignment of the words and the images I don’t think that i’ve ever thought that it would matter to be but i think that i turning to a perfectionist by time. things I’ve learned is how to tile edit the photo to make sure that when it prints the colors will turn much better and also one of the things that you mentioned while wrapping up the class that you always should try printing on both type of paper glossy and matte to experiment how would it look better in. and that what i did i went to Ibrahim and asked him to print it in matte and the colors turned to dark and it wasn’t high resolution but when i printed in glossy paper it turned out much better and i think that what i’m going to do in each project is to experiment to allow my self to see what works better. to be bold and taking risk to manage our time more wisely is things I get more better at by time. and so far i think I’ve been doing really good. I hope that one day I’ll get it to be a great graphic designer as you it was a great pleasure to learn these things and notice things I never thought that it would matter to me. Thank you for making me know that graphic design is much more than working digitally and greeting logos and posters.

Week 13- Phase 2



For the next class i had to add my sentences and i put it on the right side of the poster and i aligned it with the highlighter stick but then they suggested to change it to the left cause this is the natural side of the way we write in latin and for the paragraph they suggested to change the position of the headline of the paragraph. and i made it closer to the other paragraph to link them together. and for the logo i chose this place cause I think it’s a good place where the lipstick and lip liner intersect and i think would make you more noticeable than it would blend with the other stuff cause as i mentioned i had a busy poster. also i forgot to mention that i change the color of the type from black to brown cause i don’t want it to stand out a lot  rather than your eyes would feel comfortable to go through the whole poster.