Final book jacket.



At the beginning of this project we were asked to choose a verb in order to do the experiments that express the meaning of the word and I chose the word contain. and through the experiments I was asked to create the word using royal icing and after that change the verb into a noun and I came up with the word hate. it was kind of frustrating cause I had to do a lot of experiment to get the right texture and to can control the material itself. after the fifth time I was able to have the successful result using the royal icing. and the following steps was to create the book jacket and this is the book that I have chosen and it contains the word hate it was written by Nathan Hall. and at the end I ended up embracing the cracks that happened while I was removing the icing from the plastic sheet cause I realized that the cracks expressed the word much better. and the reason behind the colors that I chose was the tape that the police use for a crime scene and that how I was Inspired though the process in creating this final result


Mommy’s on the go.

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One scary aspect that most first time moms have to deal with is going out with your child. You may be tempted to cocoon your child at home, and even a short trip to the grocery store may seem confusing. since that all my sisters are married and have kids I could relate to this cause when ever we are going to a quick trip to the mall they always struggle to know what to bring with them and what they need the most. also my best cousin is a mommy-to-be and she is worried about how she’ll manage having a baby and going out. So I created this pouch that could go into bag or your could use it with a strap and wear it. It have compartments for the essential baby stuff and also come with a few tips that may help you to make your short trip with your baby stress-free.

It includes:
– baby wipes
– diaper
– pacifier
– wooden toy
– disposal bib
– cards “tips”
and there is also a space in the pouch for the mother to put in her phone and wallet.



Through out the whole semester I think these four projects made me learn and notice a lot of stuff related to the poster and type even the alignment of the words and the images I don’t think that i’ve ever thought that it would matter to be but i think that i turning to a perfectionist by time. things I’ve learned is how to tile edit the photo to make sure that when it prints the colors will turn much better and also one of the things that you mentioned while wrapping up the class that you always should try printing on both type of paper glossy and matte to experiment how would it look better in. and that what i did i went to Ibrahim and asked him to print it in matte and the colors turned to dark and it wasn’t high resolution but when i printed in glossy paper it turned out much better and i think that what i’m going to do in each project is to experiment to allow my self to see what works better. to be bold and taking risk to manage our time more wisely is things I get more better at by time. and so far i think I’ve been doing really good. I hope that one day I’ll get it to be a great graphic designer as you it was a great pleasure to learn these things and notice things I never thought that it would matter to me. Thank you for making me know that graphic design is much more than working digitally and greeting logos and posters.

Week 13- Phase 2



For the next class i had to add my sentences and i put it on the right side of the poster and i aligned it with the highlighter stick but then they suggested to change it to the left cause this is the natural side of the way we write in latin and for the paragraph they suggested to change the position of the headline of the paragraph. and i made it closer to the other paragraph to link them together. and for the logo i chose this place cause I think it’s a good place where the lipstick and lip liner intersect and i think would make you more noticeable than it would blend with the other stuff cause as i mentioned i had a busy poster. also i forgot to mention that i change the color of the type from black to brown cause i don’t want it to stand out a lot  rather than your eyes would feel comfortable to go through the whole poster.

Week 13- Phase 1


For this project we had to combine all our projects in one poster and at the beginning i thought it’s going to be kind of hard since that we have a lot of stuff already going on our poster. for the first step i did is that i posted the Arabic paragraph and tried to change the break up of the sentences to fit in the spaces i have in poster. it kind of worked but then i remembered that i haven’t put my latin sentences which then i had to change the place of my paragraph and that what i did for the next class.




My Reflection:

Actually in this project it was really fun to see what we would create or inspire from the movie that we have seen and it was interesting to see how each group seen the same exact movie and got inspired from different perspective and how each part integrated different aspect and to me what we have done is a great accomplishment that we could trigger this much of senses and make it really successful and we saw that when we witnessed the reaction of the students when they saw the animation and put their hand inside the box. what I did for this project is creating my own animation and maryam helped me with some issues in the after affects and how i create my box to make the fan give you the exact feeling as if you were flying. and i put on a cardboard above the fan with holes and held it together with foam board to hold from the sides and covered the hands holes so that they won’t be able to see what’s inside the box. helped with putting the vinyl words and cute the holes in my box and put it all together and that what made each box successful cause each one of us focused on her own work and did the best that she could to make it really work.

Final GROUP Reflection:
After spending weeks working on our animation and installation , we accomplished a very satisfying result by working in a good pace. Our teamwork was great and we merged all of our ideas  together.  We made 5 different animations and boxes, we incorporated  three senses and they are : sight, touch and hearing.  We all took notes about the movie and researched  that time period. We looked up  the color theory and how it triggers specific feelings. We Experimented with different materials t add inside the boxes and we did a test about how it work with the animation. We also made a mini test set up to check how loud the volume of our animations should be because we all have different volume settings in our videos. We all spent time to set up our display which includes the pedestals and the wooden panels.
2.  What are the groups concerns about the project today?
  •  We were afraid that when people would go inside they would pull out whats in the boxes.
  • We couldn’t find the pedestals we requested, and so we had to choose another size.
  • One group took the pedestals we requested later and even painted one black, and so we had to stay longer at uni to solve this problem.
  • The pedestals that we ordered for the laptop weren’t high enough.
3.  How will the group address and manage these concerns?
  •  We made a set of rules, printed them out of vinyl sticker and placed them on a wooden panel on the outside.
  • Isabelle showed us different samples we can chose from and so we did.
  • We also urgently contacted Isabelle for one extra pedestals.
  • We thought of getting more boxes so we can put our laptops on top so that they won’t be the same heigh.
4.  What innovations did your group make today?
  •  We combined animations with a box containing different materials to touch.
  • We used old sheilas to make little curtains for the box’s holes so you can’t see whats inside.
  • Using extra boxes to elevate the laptops
  • We tried using unusual materials that people won’t recognize and question.
  • we reused the idea of balloons inside our  boxes to make a stronger connection between the animation and the balloon that they can touch physically.

Week 13



In this phase the suggestion that i added is how to end my scene since that i was the final and as you mentioned in the french movies they used to end the movie with the word “ Fin” which is similar to THE END and we did the word in a fancy typeface to give the vibe of a french setting and fixed the issues of each of our animation and did the final setting prototype to check everything by this we are done with the required elements for our installation.

Week 12


For this second phase of the installation i did my first attempt of the animation as soon as i was done from creating the balloon. it needed a lot of fixing i was going to increase the number of the balloons and how the balloons enter the scene. as i was told the after affects is easier than premiere so i switched it was really easier to control the movements. so I have created my animation and i’ve been told that they look like sliding from the sides and I considered the perspective and how to make the balloons enter the screen and how would they exit. On the next meeting there was suggestions that i needed to add a background and add the sounds. and in this phase we started to do the boxes as we where half way done to finish the animations videos and one of the suggestions i forgot to mention is that we had to do color transition and movement to link the 5 animations together.

Week 12- Final

after the notes that we have been given when we did the group critique. I fixed my sentences length cause this was my major problem that my sentences are too long.

and if you could notice between the previous paragraphs and the final i arranged the bullet points and did a double space between the headline and the points to emphasize that the first sentence is the opening to the listed points below.

it was interesting to see the major difference to work with a sentence and a paragraph. although it’s a body text it still wasn’t that easy to work with cause when you think of a body text you think that it’s easy just make a text smaller and that’s it. but you need to think of letting and kerning and the sentence length and the font size and the typeface and they all need to work together.

Week 12

and for the second week we had to brought an examples from magazines or books to show a good examples of how we arrange the text so it’s kind of a design of what works and what’s not. at this point we kind of know what’s need to be fixed on the paragraph that we did cause it’s quite similar to the sentence that we did except that at this time we are working with more than one. to me i kind of liked the paragraph more and it would be really amazing to learn how to justify since that i never thought that justifying is that hard. we used to do a lot of justifying in our high school paper but not even once i noticed that it got problems since now i can see all the mistakes even when i’M reading a book.

Also what i learned that the sentence length need to be arranged in a way that i looks the the beach waves and the boat as Mahmoud said. cause a lot of our paragraphs looked like boats and that means the it’s not working well.