Week 6

The final poster. i changed the quote and moved the green straws on the bottom to show how organic and flexible that putting them in order and being so strict and serious. i added one of the textures that i used on the 100 things and to be honset i kind of don’t like how the quality the final result turned to be. I hope it was more clear and not this pixilated. and that what i’m going to keep in mind for the upcoming projects. one of the things that i liked is the shadows it’s makes it seem more dimensional and not too flat.


Week 5 -step 2

the second critique after i refined the idea. what i was trying to show the flexibility and the mind bending and how we started with an object of one action and did a hundred more. and that’s how i came up with the idea of bending the straws and created the shape of flower cause it’s more related to my 100 things because when you see that they are more playful than serious and that’s why i got rid of the red lips that i used on my first idea. i tried to do more contrast and that’s when i chose to shades of green but then i noticed it go to crowded. one of the points that got repeated on the pre-final critique that i need to add more stuff than just using the straw it self.

week 5

these are the first three posters that i did i was trying to deliver the message of thirst to knowledge. but i couldn’t it needed a lot of improvement i admit it needs a person with much of experience to create such thing. after the first critique we’ve been told that we shouldn’t do it all illustrated and that what made me notice that my poster looks more of and ad. than talking about the journey that I’ve learned when i did the 100 things phase 1 and 2.

Week 5

In the previous class we were asked to chose a word and know it’s meaning and on that point we will create the word using materials.

my word it tarteeb.

and to me I always make sure that my makeup is organized and even when my sisters use my makeup i always remind them to but things back the way it was. and I chose a wide range of makeup which is the lipsticks cause it have a lot of colors and shades that i can play with. and that when i decided that I’m going to melt my lipsticks to create the shades of pink and by that i did the experiment and bought a couple of extra liptsticks just to try if it’s going to work. and it did it was so easy to melt them jut what the problem that i faced that it never dries it just turn to solid and could easily get messed up when you touch it. but the shades was easily to create. and i actually enjoyed it. but also on concern that i was worried about that how i’m going to show that it’s lipstick and not paint and that what i’m trying to think of. in the next class the proposed if i could do it on a skin cause that where we put on make up and what i was thinking of creating my own fake skin and try to put make up on it. i think it’s going to be interesting if it works.


Week 4


What I noticed about the words that some of them is too close like what you could see in the word “Cheerful” in the font “Helvetica Neue” the one with the red spot that the letter r and f are too close as if it’s becoming a new letter. and some of the words are not at the same level and some of them are. this is for the Latin but the Arabic typefaces they have a lot of spaces in between and the adjusting the word is really hard I tried to change the spaces but I didn’t think that the word works well after the adjustment. Also what I noticed that in the same word you could notice that at the beginning the letters are close but at the end of the word the letters are far away as if it’s too separate words as it shown above to the word with the red spot. Type is interesting it made me notice things I never thought that one day it might matter to me. now when ever I pass by a banner a sign I notice the typeface it goes with the style of the message or not. because before how I used to judge the typefaces if they are pretty to me or not. and one thing more I used to call it font but know I have an academic words which makes it more sophisticated when I say: typeface.



مرارة: طعم غير مستساغ.

حلاوة: كلّ ما عولج بسُكَّر أو عسل ، ضدّ المرارة.

تقاعس: عدم القِيامِ بِالعَمَل : التَهاوَنَ ، و التَأَخَّرَ عَنْهُ.

إقدام: لإقْدَامُ عَلَى فِعْلِ الخَيْرِ : التَّقَدُّمُ وَالقِيامُ بِهِ.

تعاسة: سوء حظّ وحال.

سعادة: أيْ كُلُّ مَا يُدْخِلُ البَهْجَةَ وَالفَرَحَ عَلَى النَّفْسِ.

ترتيب: أثبته وأقرّه بنظام.

إضطراب: حالة عدم الاستقرار ، فوضى ، بلبلة ، صَخَب وجَلَبة.

دقة: صفة الأداء أو الصَّنعة أو المنتج عندما تقترب من الكمال أو المثاليّة.

تهاون: أهمله ، لم يهتمّ به ، قصَّر فيه ولم يوفِّه حقَّه.

جدية: رصانة ، رزانة تدلُّ على الحالة النفسيَّة والبدنيَّة للإنسان.

مزاح: كَثِيرُ الْمَزْحِ وَالهَزْلِ.

جميل: صفة مشبَّهة تدلّ على الثبوت من جمُلَ.

قبيح: كُلُّ ما يَنْفِرُ منه الذَّوق السَّليم ويأباه العرف العام.

زائل: ماضٍ بمرور الزمن.

متان: مَنْ يَشْتَغِلُ فِي تُؤَدَةٍ وَبُطْءٍ مَعَ تَفْكِيرٍ.

Bitter: unwelcome to the mind, the property of having a harsh unpleasant taste.

Saccharine: overly sweet.

Euphoric: exaggerated feeling of well – being or elation.

Miserable: very unhappy.

Stultify: deprive of strength or efficiency.

Galvanize: stimulate by administering a shock ; as of muscles

Dismal: causing dejection.

Cheerful: being full of or promoting cheer ; having or showing good spirits.

Ornate: rich in decorative detail.

Austere: practicing great self – denial.

Chaotic: lacking a visible order or organization.

Tidy: marked by good order and cleanliness in appearance or habits.

Precise: exact in performance or amount ; strictly correct.

Inaccurate: containing or characterized by error

Hilarious: marked by or causing boisterous merriment or convulsive laughter.

Serious: completely lacking in playfulness.

Adorable: lovable especially in a childlike or naive way.

Repulsive: so extremely ugly as to be terrifying.

Fleeting: lasting for a markedly brief time.

Leisurely: in an unhurried way or at one ‘ s convenience.

Phase 002- Step 1 and 2


The final result of phase 002. it was quite difficult at the beginning to understand what we are supposed to do or how to do it write because we are not used to relate words to images. I noticed that once I got to see previous work of the students I can understand just little bit of what we need to do but once I did it by myself and tried to understand it even though i made mistakes but I actually learned more because when you explained to me why it’s wrong I knew what to do next to make it right.

I explained previously what i did wrong and how i fixed it. and that made it much easier for me to find the images and then what I did on purpose is tried to find the images in the middle which I took from my 100 things in white background and the images on the side with the same contrast just to make it clear and when I sticked it on the black foamcore i did the same layout for the words from the list on the back of the board as it shown above.

Phase 002- Step 1 and 2

in the next phase of project 1 what we did was that we had to chose at least 9 signs from our 100 things and refine the initial ideas to create a more meaningful communication by using these following comparison:

Reduction :: Elaboration

Concrete :: Abstract

Metaphorical :: Literal

At the beginning i kind of understand the task differently for example of what i did the i chose the umbrella sign and i chose the reduction/Elaboration comparison. For the reduction i decided to do rain drops and for the elaboration i chose the rain jacket. but on the next class i found out that we should choose a meaning for the sign and then you would know how to create the comparison signs. and her is the result of how I understood it.

My sign is umbrella the meaning of the sign is protection. the comparison that i chose is metaphorical and literal. for metaphorical i chose  a photo of a mother hugging her child for the feeling of being safe and for the literal is a home.

for the phase 2 of project 1 we have to create images that match syntactically and chose word that would match from the binary opposition list. the form is


and as i mentioned previously we didn’t get it from the first time and after we did the sketches and critique each other in groups we finally managed to get it right or at least being the correct direction. and the example is :

WORD      ::      IMAGE      ::    IMAGE     ::      WORD

Heavy      ::    Soda can    ::  Glass cup  ::  Light

Light        ::    Soda can    ::  Glass cup  ::  Heavy

and the word can goes both ways cause the can can be empty and then it would be light and at the same time if it full it can be heavy and this goes the same for the glass cup because what we know that the glass could be heavy and because it’s an empty cup it can be light.

Week 3

In the final week of the 50/50 I managed to have the satisfying result that I’m trying to accomplish and that was when we were assigned as pairs and by seeing the other student work I noticed my problems that needed to be fixed and knew in which direction I should continue to have the outcome that I wanted to have since the beginning.


Week 2




After learning few of the tricks I started applying it on some of the letters I managed to make it work and some of them I needed to have some changes because it wasn’t working together. and the main struggle that wasn’t able to overcome was to keep it 50/50 this what I had difficulties in having the successful result that I’m trying to reach.

Phase 001


What we did is that we experimented a different media and tried to explore our objects and things we can accomplish with. at the beginning it was hard cause I thought that we need to experiment on the object it self and after i explored the object I understand the purpose of the project which is creating a symbol or an icon to represent the list of the binary opposition in relation to my object. In the process of creating my 100 things I tried to stay not too close to the object it self and not to think too much to allow my self to explore the options in order to create a unique collection. but In the end I saw that I had a variety of different things but at the same time I always find myself going back to the object itself which in my case was the straw.